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At the beginning of the 7-th century the possessions of the Eastern-Roma Empire /Byzantium/ on the Balkan Peninsula turned into s “Slavs\' land”. In the 681 the Byzantine ruler Constantine IV Pogonat was forced to accept with his treaty the already founded Slav-Bulgarian state whose first ruler became Khan Asparouh. Pliska found its place in the history of Bulgaria , Europe and the world as the first capital of the first state with in the lands of the Byzantine empire of free tribal groups who joined together. The grand scale of construction and creativity could be seen in the numerous remnants of fortresses, public buildings and palace and cult complexes.

In 893, after the time of heathen Pliska, Veliki Preslav became the capital city of already converted to Christianity Bulgaria. This was the city that had turned to a center of the Golden Age of Bulgarian culture under the reigh of Simeon the Great.

Near the first two Bulgarian capitals are the town of Shoumen and the cult center Madara. Shoumen was founded 3200 years ago. It\'s character has quite changed ever since.

Still it has always been a cradle of a rich spiritual and material culture – Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian. And the wealth of the town is still alive.


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