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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shoumen was established at 24.10.1991 as an independent, non-government, non-profit organization.. Our activities are aimed at the promotion of  the interests of private business by making proposals for amendments regarding assistance with economic activities, regulations and laws to the committees of the National Council.

The main purpose of CCI, Shoumen is to contribute actively to the economic reforms in Bulgaria through supporting development of private business, establishing opportunities for the local companies, facilitating and stimulating of the international trade connections and promoting foreign investments.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shoumen support the business development in the region of Shumen.

CCI, Shoumen is member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Sofia ( BCCI ). The Chamber's activity is managed by a Board of Directors, that elects the Chairman, approves the business plan and the budget.

CCI, Shoumen represents 350 member companies from the Region of Shumen . Together with other similar organizations, we are representing the employers in the tri-party committee, which also includes the Ministerial Council and the Trade unions.


71 Saedinenie St.
P.O. Box 203 9700 Shoumen, BG

Tel. 054 800 360
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Tel. 054 875 083
Fax: 054 800 361